Zack, Washington

Sorry for the delay in responding to your email, but I just got back to the U.S few days ago and I just had time to catch up with my mail. First of all, I'd like to thank you for coordinating my visit to Krakow regarding my dental treatment and for answering and helping me with all my questions/requests. Your help, prompt response, patience and excellent customer service is what made me choose your clinic over other clinics. I had a great experience being treated at your clinic as Dr. Magda and her staff made me feel comfortable and at ease at all time on top of going out of their way to cater to my needs and making my complicated dental work possible in such a short time by allowing me to come in early in the morning or even treating me until late hours at night. Dr. Magda's expertise and talent gave me a beautiful smile by placing seven crowns in my front upper jaw and closing the gaps I had in my gums. Her gental and pain free treatment made my visits to her clinic a pleasant memory. The standard of dentistry used at the clinic is no different if not more detail oriented to what I would normally receive or experience during my visits to my dentist in the U.S, but at half the price of what it would normally cost me if I were to visit my dentist. My family and friends were very impressed with the results of my dental work as they were very skeptical and not supportive of my decision to coming to Krakow for treatment. I'm glad I chose you over other clinics wether it be in Turkey, Mexico or other Estern-European countries as what I was planing to do initially and came to Krakow instead. This gave me the opportunity to experience the high quality of dentistry being used and to discover and learn a lot about this beautiful medieval town, Polish people and their culture.tonSo thank you for your assistance and for coordinating my visit and thank you Dr. Magda for the great work and my new smile. Zack Amrane, Washington DC.

Adrian, Liverpool

 I am here already and getting the work done, i appreciate your e-mails but i thought i would let you know this, I am going to pass on your e-mails and previous correspondence however to a few of my friends back home in england, a couple of them have already expressed an interest