Sophie, Devon

I just returned from my last treatment in Poland and, have to say, my new set of teeth looks great. I had 3 bridges fitted; one of them supported on 2 implants. It was quite a complicated treatment but I’m glad I’ve done it. I must stress that the whole thing was only possible because of dentists in Poland as their prices were much lower than back in the UK. Not only that, they made it very easy for me, a single mum, to come to Poland. I had transfers and hotels pre-booked and consultation took place soon after my arrival. In terms of costs, it was extremely good value. I paid around £2800 for all my treatments, including additional root canal work. I was quoted over £2000 for just an implant by my local dentist so clearly I have made substantial savings by having my teeth done in Poland. 

Renate, Leeds

I had only 8 top front teeth which were all crowned. I therefore had gaps on either side of my front teeth which meant, that I chewed only with my front teeth...