Renate, Leeds

I had only 8 top front teeth which were all crowned. I therefore had gaps on either side of my front teeth which meant, that I chewed only with my front teeth. Consequently my lower jaw front teeth were cracked and eroded. The lower teeth to the back had extensive mercury fillings. I never chewed food properly and I was always too embarrassed to smile. When I arrived at the dental clinic, it was suggested that I was not suitable for dental implants. The dentist recommended an alternative option of renewing and re-enforcing the existing crowns and a plate to provide back teeth. Also all my lower jaw black fillings were replaced with white ones and the lower front teeth were repaired. Most work was completed within one week and only one return visit was required. Such an amount of work would take weeks to complete in the UK. The cost of the treatment was very reasonable and a good deal less than it would have been here. All the staff at the clinic were very friendly and very professional. Also, I was given as many painkilling injections as I needed! The standard was excellent overall and I would not hesitate to recommend dental treatment in Krakow. The visit was well organised, a taxi was waiting when we arrived. The apartment in the Old Town meant that Krakow could be explored when I was not in the dentist’s chair!

Yolanda, UK

I have had a fantastic job done to my teeth. I also enjoyed Krakow very much I am so glad that I have come here and I hope I will be back some day soon thanks very much. God bless. Yolanda.