Rachel, London

I had a Denture since the age of 11 years old, my teeth were uneven in colour and stuck out a bit. I needed a reconstruction to my upper teeth, and two bridges were made so that I would not have to wear my horrible denture anymore. This took 3 visits to Krakow. Initially to assess my mouth and take impressions, then to cut down my existing teeth, more impressions and measurements, then gum preparation on my upper palate. Then on the last visit my new teeth were there waiting for me, just a further layer of porcelain and they were fitted, wow what a difference!! I am extremely happy with the result - I gave a short interview for Dr Gill and said it had exceeded my expectations in the look of my teeth and how it has changed the symetry of my face and my smile, so much better. I do not have any reservations about smiling anymore, I used to hide behind my hands when I smiled because of embarrassement. I would also like to say that Dr Gill who did my work for me has an amazing attention to detail, and that is just what is required for this type of work. He makes sure everything is perfect, this can be a time consuming business but if you are patient and happy to wait for your "end result" then it is well worth it! I would recommend this company - for attention to detail and price and organising all the getting to the Clinic and back to Hotels/Airports - faultless. I do not have a quote from a dentist but know that each thing I needed done was about half the price of what they charge here in UK. Thank you also to you Paul for a very "slick" operation, I was always met at the Airport (this is important as a female travelling alone) and taken to the Clinic excellent, thank you for all your organisation. With thanks, Rachel

Matt, London

I’m very pleased with the end result of my dental trip to Poland. Not only was the cost of my treatment much lower than back in the UK, but also I was nicely surprised by the professionalism of everyone involved, from a rep who picked me up from the airport, to dentists who carried out my treatment...