Mona, Dublin

Hi Peter Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but I had to go to work on Friday and had a lot of catching up to do!! Of course you can use my feedback on your website---and to that end I would comment as follows: I could not be more pleased with the treatment that I received at your clinic. My teeth look brilliant and very natural. Best of all I did not have to wait for months/years to have the treatment completed.. The quality of the work is of the highest standard. Dr Darius and Dr Piotr were very welcoming,very professional, great sense of humour, spoke perfect English and understood my Northern accent perfectly!! Everyone connected with the clinic were more than helpful. .All the Polish people that we met were absolutely lovely. We will defenitely be back in Krakow A friend who has seen my teeth, is gettting in touch with the clinic to have work done on his son's teeth

Jane, West Yorkshire

I went to Poland to visit the dentist and Dr Gill i saw who i can wholly reccomend,i would have liked implants but it was not for me so i went for the next best option which was crowns n bridge work