Louise, East Midlands

First thing, I would like to say I am thrilled with the work that the dentists did, my teeth look brilliant, I feel so confident now and ready to smile all the time. My teeth look so natural, and the price I paid to have them one has surprised relatives and friends here in the UK. I was quoted £6000 at the dentist here just for the lower jaw and I have had both upper and lower done for a little over half of that. Several of my friends and work collegues have been so impressed with the work they are considering having treatment done them selves. What I found very good was that I wasnot waiting weeks for the treatment to be completed. I had 2 visits to krakow in a month and at the end of that time I came home with a beautiful set of even white teeth. Also, any one visiting krakow will be impressed with the city. It is a lovely place with plenty to see and friendly people to meet

Renate, Leeds

I had only 8 top front teeth which were all crowned. I therefore had gaps on either side of my front teeth which meant, that I chewed only with my front teeth...