Kevin, Glasgow

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Everyone I came across was very nice. I went to Poland to replace my existing crowns and I’d gone for the best ones on the market – Procera. I had 11 Procera crowns fitted at a full cost of £4,600, including additional root canal and other preparation work. Surprisingly, not every surgery in the UK offers Procera crowns, but the ones that do charge over £1000 for just one! It is quite obvious that I’d saved a lot of money by going to Poland to have my teeth done. I only needed to go there twice and came back with a brand new smile

Jane, West Yorkshire

I went to Poland to visit the dentist and Dr Gill i saw who i can wholly reccomend,i would have liked implants but it was not for me so i went for the next best option which was crowns n bridge work