Cliff, London

We can honestly say we are more than happy with the dental treatment we received in Krakow. The quality was of the very highest standard, the speed was amazing and even taking into consideration two trips to Poland involving 2 nights/3 days each, the total price was less than half what we would have paid in England. We found Dr Darius was very proffesional, spoke very good English, was pleasant and honest, explained things simply and was generally a very, very good Dentist. Oh and he didnot hurt either ! Overall, we found the Dentist, the Surgery and all connected with your Company to be fully up to date with all modern technology (far more so than English Dentistry in our opinion) and the standard was definitely much better, even though the cost was considerably lower. Back home, my wife was quoted £2,500.00 to have two new crowns fitted (these would probably have been the crowns with the metal inserts). In Poland she had 6 fully porcelain crowns fitted, route canal treatment and cleaning, all for £2750.00. I had 8 fillings and full cleaning done for £340.00 and the last time I had one filling at a Dentist in England, it cost me £90.00. Unfortunately, Dentists here very rarely give written quotes, therefore I am unable to send any. However, it is pretty clear that in total we have saved literally thousands by choosing your Company and coming to Poland. We do not know about anywhere else in Poland, but if people come to Krakow, not only can then have their Dental work done immaculately, quickly and cheaply, they can also stay in (probably, for dental treatment), the most beautiful city in the world. Paul, I would be happy for you to pass on my E-mail address or phone mumber to anyone from England who is contemplating having their dental work done in Krakow, but who is still a bit sceptical

Sophie, Devon

I just returned from my last treatment in Poland and, have to say, my new set of teeth looks great. I had 3 bridges fitted; one of them supported on 2 implants