Carol, Edinburgh

I am very happy with the result of dental work performed in Krakow by Dr Anna the quality of work was excellent and obviously the price is great...

Could not have got all my treatment done in the UK in 10 days. Price is at least half of what I would have paid in Scotland also was told I could not have bridges done it would have to be implants and when I went to Poland there was not a problem getting bridges done. Standards in Poland are excellent the clinics are very clean the facilities are excellent and the dentists are very qualified and I would say they are of better quality than some in the UK. I would definitely recommend Dr Anna to family and friends and have been singing her praises since I have been home"

Mark, Malmo

I would like to say that I am very happy with the dental treatment I received in Kraków. I did not know precisely what treatment I needed before coming, however I had very sensitive teeth and had a broken veneer that needed replacing