Antonio , London

I first contacted the clinic via email with Peter to query about how much will be the treatment, and Peter replied straight away, with a direct answer and an aproximately price of the cost of everything. Then he organized 2 visits to the clinic in Krakow, and I was absolutely amazed the level of profesionalism and dedication, and friendliness, that Dr. Darius and Dr Peter provided me. I went first thinking that I had a couple of things, and at the end, it was much more that I thought, but it did not cost me as much as I would have paid in the UK, which has prices absolutely ridiculus, or in Spain (Where I'm originally) I would recomend this clinic to everyone who has or has has problem with their teeth. Antonio Marcos

Rachel, London

I had a Denture since the age of 11 years old, my teeth were uneven in colour and stuck out a bit. I needed a reconstruction to my upper teeth, and two bridges were made so that I would not have to wear my horrible denture anymore