Teeth whitening in Poland

Save on teeth whitening in Poland

We do have a great whitening offer available in our clinics in Krakow. Have an in-office laser along with the tray teeth whitening + polishing + scaling for £370 in total! Save over £400 on similar packages in the UK

Teeth whitening procedure is almost a non-invasive way of lightening your natural teeth. The “whiteness” after the treatment lasts from 2 to 4 years.  It very much depends on the oral higiene after the whitening procedure. During the treatment, the natural colour of your teeth is lightened but not changed as some people might think. Although there are various whitening home kits available, only the treatments performed by qualified dentists guarantees the long lasting solution. Two main methods provided in the clinic environment are laser and tray whitening.Teeth whitening in our surgeries in Krakow starts from only £170.

Why not book a 3 day dental package with us? It only costs £95 and includes 2 night hotel accommodation in Krakow, return airport taxis, panoramic X-ray and consultation with the treatment plan in English. Book it now.

Mark, Malmo

I would like to say that I am very happy with the dental treatment I received in Kraków. I did not know precisely what treatment I needed before coming, however I had very sensitive teeth and had a broken veneer that needed replacing