Orthodontic braces

Orthodontic braces or retainers help to straighten teeth and correct the bite. Although braces are required to be worn for a relatively long period of 9-18 months, the results of the treatment can be amazing with a perfect smile and bite restored for patients with completely misaligned and crooked teeth.

Prices of orthodontic treatments in our dental practises in Krakow are up to 60% lower than in private surgeries in the UK. We do fit 3 types of orthodontic braces in our clinics and the costs are as follow (price per set):

  • Standard metal brace - £650,
  • Porcelain / Cristal brace (hardly visible, very aesthetic) - from £990
  • DAMON or EMPOWER brace (works quicker than other types) - from £950

A two-day stay in Krakow is needed for a brace placement. After the brace placement, patients are required to come on correction visits (1 day) every 6 to 8 weeks. However, in case of DAMON or EMPOWER braces correction visits are required every 8-12 weeks. In most cases, patients will be required to wear braces for 12-18 months. DAMON and TenBROOK braces work quicker and they are usually worn for the duration of up to 12 months. Please note that patients are free to arrange continuation of treatment with their local orthodontist in the UK.

We offer a 3 day dental holiday package with 2 night hotel accommodation, return airport taxis, panoramic X-ray and consultation with the treatment plan in English for £95 in total. Book the package now.