Dentures & Bridges supported on implants

Dentures or bridges on implants have become a popular multi-teeth restoration method as they provide more support than standard acrylic dentures. They additionally provide a natural feel and look and restore the confidence to eat.

Visit our state-of-the-art dental surgeries in  Krakow in Poland and have your smile restored at the fraction of the cost in the UK. All treatment are performed by experienced dental surgeons and come with full guarantee. A comprehensive 3 day long dental packages in Krakow start from only  £95. Find out more about our exclusive packages here.

Dentistry in Poland clinics offer a number of treatments for patients who have lost most of all their teeth.  While standard options start from just 2 implants and denture, permanent prosthetic fixtures can usually be fitted on a minimum of four implants.


For patients who would like to complete their restoration on a budget, Dentistry in Poland clinics can offer restoration using pallet-free skeletal dentures. These are metal based dentures which provide a much better biting experience compared with acrylic dentures and they can additionally be supported on crowns. Skeletal dentures start from  £670 in Dentistry in Poland clinics.

Picture: Skeletal denture

Dental implant treatment can be completed on as little as 2 trips to our surgeries in Krakow. The first step is to have the consultation with the dental surgeon.They will asses your teeth, bones and sinuses in order to know if you’re suitable for the treatment and if so, how much incision is necessary. The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia. Dental surgeon drills a hole (or a number of holes) into the bone and places the implant and closes the gum with stitches. During the next few months the bone slowly grows around inserted implants, making the implant strongly embedded into the jawbone. Usually after a few months the second phase commences. At this time the protective screw installed during the first surgery gets replaced with an abutment. Then, after healing for a few weeks it's the time for the final installation of the bridge or acrylic fixture. Dental implants have been in use for many years and there is enough academic research that suggests that it is a long time solution to missing teeth problems.

There are surgeries that offer full mouth teeth restorations completed in just one day. While there are benefits of such systems, there are also some drawbacks. The certain advantage is the speed of the reconstruction. A patient undergoing a treatment may leave the surgery with the new set of teeth on the same day. However, the main drawback is the long-time prognosis of such reconstruction. While clinicians may argue about it, this technique is relatively new and the durability of this type of reconstruction is still a question. The other major drawback is that failure of just one implant will require a replacement of the entire prosthetic work.  Some surgeons also argue that the infection of the surrounding tissue of the implant may be a problem in the long term. The suitability for the One Day implant reconstruction is also an issue. While this is marketed to all patients with severe missing teeth problems, the true is that a significant bone volume is required for use of long implants which are used for this type of reconstruction. It seriously limits the use of such restoration method as most patients who suffer from multi-missing teeth problem also suffer from poor bone condition.