Teeth implants

Get the implant inserted from only £540 per tooth. Take us up on this amazing deal. There are no hidden charges and we guarantee the work!

Teeth implants are made of titunium and are used in cosmetic dentistry to replace missing tooth or set of teeth. Implants are placed directly into the bone, and after a healing period of 3 to 9 months, they are used as a support for a number of dental reconstructions i.e. crowns, permanent porcelain bridges, overdentures or dentures on bars. Implants are a long lasting teeth replacement method with more than 90% of them last over 13 years. Implants are regarded as the most  comfortable restoration method to maintain and use. Missing teeth restored using implants look and feel identical as natural teeth and, unless you’re a dentist, it is hard to guess they are not your own!

A standard implant is composed of a titanium screw, which imitates the tooth root. Implant surgery should only be performed by a certified dentist specialist or a qualified jaw surgeon. The requirement for a dentist to perform an implant treatment depends on the country in which the procedure is to be carried out. Generally, such treatments should only be performed by experienced doctors, who in addition to their dentistry qualifications have also completed specific courses in implantology.

Implantology treatments in our clinics in Poland are performed by certified and experienced dental implant surgeons. Succes rate for the surgical placements in over 99%, which is extremely high for any surgery. Implant insertions start from £540 per tooth. Full consultations in English and the surgical part of the treatment can be performed on a 3-day visit to Krakow. We can offer a 3 day dental holiday package with 2 night hotel accommodation, return airport taxis, panoramic X-ray and consultation with the treatment plan in English for £95 in total.Book the package now.

Kevin, Glasgow

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Everyone I came across was very nice. I went to Poland to replace my existing crowns and I’d gone for the best ones on the market – Procera