How much actually dental implants cost?

According to our internal survey, the price and the qualification of the dentist are the main factors when searching for an implant surgery. However, the proper understanding of the implant treatment costs is sometimes very difficult for patients due to complexity of the implant treatment process as well as deliberate marketing efforts of some dental practices to hide certain costs associated with the procedure. Many clinics that advertise implant treatments for a relatively low price do not include all the extra costs so patients only find it out when they visit a surgery. It is therefore very important that the actual costs of the tooth implant restoration are compared like-for-like between surgeries.

Please note that Dentistry in Poland clinics are always transparent with their patients and the advertised price of an implant treatment is for a complete tooth implant restoration, from consultation stage to the crown-on-implant placement. Visit our dental implants page for more information about our offering.

Teeth implant restoration treatments consist of the following stages:

1. Consultation


As it is often the case, dental clinics charge separately for implant consultations. In the UK, implant consultations charges range from about £70 to as high as £200. Hardly ever consultation charges are included in the advertised implant price. Additionally, for a precise surgical planning of the treatment a CT scan of the missing tooth area is required. No reputable dental implant specialist will perform an implant surgery consultation on the basis of individual tooth or OPG X-ray. A CT scan is needed for a complete overview of the tooth and the bone area. Jaw CT scans start from about £140 in the UK. Patients should also note that certain dental treatments abroad providers based in the UK offer consultation at discounted prices but such consultations are not performed by fully qualified implant surgeons but surgery consultants. We do not recommend taking part in implant consultations where an experienced surgeon is not present as wrong diagnosis of the treatment may lead to serious complications in the future.


Dentistry in Poland clinics offer a complete dental implant consultation with an experienced and fully qualified dental implant surgeon included in the price of the treatment. We impose no time limits at consultations as some other clinics do. Dental implant treatments start from only £990. CT scans needed for the surgery cost only £55 per jaw. We have no hidden charges. The treatment is based on the use of world class implant system and comes with a full guarantee.


2. Bone augmentation or sinus lift


Bone augmentation is needed when there is not enough bone to support an implant. Sinus lift is a treatment that restores the area close to sinuses so implants can be placed on the upper jaw. Between 40-60% of all patients require either bone augmentation or sinus lift. Some clinics charge very high fees for such treatments. For example, a certain clinic in London advertised implant treatments online at £1400 per tooth. Only after further investigation we found out that the cost of a bone graft at this particular surgery was a staggering £3500! Such high cost of the bone restoration increases the total cost of implant placement quite significantly. We therefore recommend that patients check with respective dental surgeries the costs of additional surgical treatments.


While augmentation treatments are not included in the cost of the implant treatment as not all patients require it, Dentistry in Poland clinics are transparent about the costs of such procedures. Bone augmentation starts from £370 per unit of bone material used, which is usually enough to restore the area of up to 2 missing teeth. As standard, we used Swiss Bio-augmentation material called Bio Oss.


3. Surgical implant insertion


This is the actual cost for insertions of a titanium implant into the patient’s jaw. Some clinics only use this cost in their advertising which is misleading.


Dentistry in Poland clinics charge from £990 for a complete implant restoration, of which about £530 is the actual cost of an implant and its surgical insertion.


4. Abutment placement


Abutment is a post that connects a crown to an implant. There are different types of abutments and costs may vary.


5. Permanent crown fitting


At this stage, an earlier prepared dental crown is fitted onto an implant. Some clinics are not fully transparent and do not include the cost of a crown when advertising an ultra-low implant treatment price.


Dentistry in Poland clinics always include the cost of crowns in the total implant restoration cost.


6. Extras


These include anaesthetics, temporary crowns or bridges as well as dentures for larger restorations.


Temporary crowns, local anaesthesia start from £20 in Dentistry in Poland clinics. Partial dentures start from £150.



*Dentistry in Poland prices are based on the exchange rate of 1GBP – 5.08 PLN from the 8th January 2013

Mark, Malmo

I would like to say that I am very happy with the dental treatment I received in Kraków. I did not know precisely what treatment I needed before coming, however I had very sensitive teeth and had a broken veneer that needed replacing