Get up to a lifetime dental guarantee with us!

Our experienced team of dentists in Krakow will ensure that the work is done to the highest possible standard. As an extra reassurance to our patients, we provide a long guarantee on all dental work performed in our clinics. Only best surgeries in Europe, capable of consistently maintaining the highest dentistry standards, offer guarantee to their patients and we are amongst such practises. Check with your local clinic what guarantee they provide!

Patients get up to 5 year cover on crowns and bridges and up to a lifetime on implants. We are even able to guarantee root canal work when patients opt in to use a dental microscope during the treatment (note that hardly any modern surgery in Europe will cover the RCT but we do).

The guarantee can be limited or even cancelled if the following happens:

1. the instructions from our dental team are not followed

2. if oral hygiene continues to be neglected

3. when another dentist carries out a treatment on a guaranteed work without our approval

4. the patient fails to visit our surgery for a check-up at least once a year. Please note that check-ups are free with us

5. the patient suffers an illness that has negative effects on the general dental condition (i.e. osteoporosis, epilepsy, diabetes, chemotherapy, serious bone or gum shrinkage)

6. accidental damage or other mechanical damages are not covered by the guarantee

Matt, London

I’m very pleased with the end result of my dental trip to Poland. Not only was the cost of my treatment much lower than back in the UK, but also I was nicely surprised by the professionalism of everyone involved, from a rep who picked me up from the airport, to dentists who carried out my treatment...