Dental Bridges in Poland

Bridge prices start from only £210 per unit in our clinics in Krakow. Save up to £300 on each unit by visiting our state-of-the-art surgeries.

Dental bridges are made from crowns fused together to form a larger reconstruction (3 units or more) which permanently replaces single or multiple missing teeth. It is amongst the most common restoration method used for teeth replacement. Bridges are a permanent option and allow patients to enjoy eating food normally.

Various materials are used for fabrication of brigdes, from porcelain, metal, acrylic fibre, zirconium to precious metals.

During the treatment  teeth on either side of the gap are cleaned and prepared to make space for the artificial tooth or set of teeth. Once the adjacent teeth are prepared, the dentist use the mould to take the impression/s needed for the fabrication process.  A temporary bridge or crowns are often fitted to protect exposed teeth. On the final visit, the earlier fabricated bridge is fitted, adjusted and, once the bite is checked, is permanently attached.

Usually two short visits are required to complete the treatment. It  could also be completed in one longer trip (5 full days) but only when there are no serious infections present (i.e. root canal or gum conditions)

We can offer a 3 day dental holiday package with 2 night hotel accommodation, return airport taxis, panoramic X-ray and consultation with the treatment plan in English for £95 in total. Book the package now.

Frank, Belfast

“Nobody wants to go to the Dentist? My experience with Dentistry in Poland, has killed off that myth; exceptional service, with results greater than I hoped, confident that I wont need to return! but should the case arise, well then its back to Poland, where I know I will receive great value for money”